This poem was written in response to a forwarded email a friend sent me.
        "Fwd: Very much to the point....."
        Thu, 10 Feb 2000 12:20:19 CST
        "Carmen Rose"

Aradia's Star
Aradia had a little star 
she wore it with great pride. 
It made her feel so close to "SHE" 
and made her warm inside. 

It was tucked beneath her shirt 
 to keep it from "their" view. 
Her faith was something she must
cuz, "if they only knew!" 

The burnings ended long ago. 
or so you might have thought. 
the practice must be kept from sight 
so one must not be caught. 

Modern days the vandals strike 
the career can be forgotten 
the children of a Pagan 
can be lonesome, woe begotten. 

The oldest ways have always been 
and will always be. 
Long before the Christian faith 
has been, forever, "SHE" 

Our lifestyle is so simple 
and so misunderstood. 
The others act as if they are 
the  ones that are so "good!" 

They push their hell upon us all 
it was not of our making. 
The Satan that they say we love? 
is not OUR undertaking. 

In reality the fundies try 
to keep us at a distance. 
Their fear and ignorance of us 
can only stir resistance. 

We voted long and campaigned too 
to keep their influence away. 
So that our children might one day 
in public; circle, chant and pray. 

Our open rites and ritual 
is frightening to some.... 
we hope and pray the Christian
could somehow be undone. 

If they can live their life of faith 
and similarly we..... 
we'll embrace our Christian
Merry Part and..Blessed Be!!! 



The Lady Isabeaux D'Anjou....
February 11, 2000
11:30 am

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